Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 5 of my life

When I was in primary school, I never read. When I say never, I mean like one book every year. Now I know the reason why, because I couldn't find a book I thought was worth the time.

Christmas 2013 I got a kindle and from then on, I have read books everyday. Because I could find a book I thought was worth the time.

Now reading is like my life

But now that I have read literally hundreds of books, I thought I would tell you and recommend my top 5 books or series of books. My top 5 of my life.


Fall For You
Cecilia Gray

This book was one of he first book I read when I had my kindle. It is in The Jane Austen Academy series and it is book 1 but the other books are about her friends which I haven't read because they seemed less interesting to me. The main character, Lizzie, has been at this Jane Austen boarding school for a while and with a new headmistress in this year, things change. The change that everyone notices is it is now a mixed school instead of an all girls school. Lizzie is fighting for her friendship with her best friend from the start of the book, she has nowhere else to turn but to Dante, a guy with obviously thinks he's way too good for Lizzie. And Lizzie knows Dante is a snob with a gift for pressing her buttons. Lizzie finds out that Dante has secrets. But Lizzie can't seam to leave those secrets alone, no matter how hard she tries.

This book is gripping from start to finish with cute parts, funny parts and parts which put you on the edge of your seat. I definitely recommend you read this book and this is why is in my number 5 in my favourite books.


Girl Online
Zoe Sugg

This book is Zoella's first novel and rates highly on my book list because this was the main thing that inspired me to do the same thing Penny, the main character, does for a hobby, blogging. Penny's life is being taken over by her regular panic attacks and when her parents get offered to do a month's job in New York, they jump t the opportunity. Their she meets Noah, a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Penny falls in love with him and expresses every little detail of it in her blog. But Noah has a secret too, one that will ruin Penny's blog cover, and her friendship, forever.

This book was awesome ad I got it for 2014 Christmas and all I can say is, thank you Father Christmas. Definitely worth a spot in my top 5 favourite books.


Worst Impressions

This book is from the 2010 Indie Book Award Winner for Multicultural Fiction (really?) and the Third Place Grand Prize Winner for The Best Fiction of 2010. Liz Bennett loves basketball and is a clever tomboy. She dresses down and stays low in her high school and doesn't get involved in gossip. With weird family (especially the mother, trust me, she is bonkers!) she is dealing with enough drama to last a lifetime. A rich new family have moved in down their road and their father is an ex-football player (I think, or basketball, I don't know!). Liz has found herself someone from school giving her flirty looks but on of the new boys, Darcell, keeps looking at her and giving her the mouth. But the question is, who really excepts her for who she really is?

The characters in this book are amazing and from the start you have no idea how the relationships go if you got told the ending. it all works so well and was amazing and is why it is my strong 3rd favourite book.


Veronica Roth

This is an obvious book for teenage girls to choose and it has loads of action and romance. It is set in the future after a big war has happened and people have been in a city which is surrounded by a big wall. Their founder built the wall to keep them safe and divided them into five groups, factions to keep the peace. Betrice Prior, is in Abnegation, the selfless faction but doesn't feel like she belongs in their. When she take the test to tell her who she is, she find the results shocking. Choosing a faction means loosing her family. Along the way, she finds out that a war is coming. But she has to keep her secret hidden from everyone else. Nobody else knows, apart form her instructor, Four.

I love this book so much and love Four in it, he is amazing. Love he romance, characters and the place and era it is set. Awesome from start to finish. It has been made into an amazing film and have poster up on my wall of t. Very strong 2nd place in my favourite book list.


The Wishes series

OMG! These books are EPIC! There are5 main books in the series with a 2.5 and 4.5 about other people very close to the main character. Charlie Blake is the main character and is the best main character EVER and is awesome and her brother is awesome. I can't really tell you about the books without ruining them but I will try. Charlie lives in Pipers Cove wit is a very very very small town in Australia with 11 roads. Her brother, Alex, owns a cafĂ© which helps them survive as they don't have a mum or dad. Charlie's French teacher, Miss Decaire, has a cousin coming over for a couple of months. When they meet in a down poor of rain, Adam falls in love with her then. After weeks of messing around and cheekiness, a spark flicks. But will Charlie ever see Adam again when he goes back to America to live his normal life? They are so far away and have different dreams that they don't believe it is possible, but they try over the first 3 books.

The 4th book is about Adam's brother, Ryan who is boos and is queen and has so much Swag you don't even know!!!! I would read the books just for him! The fifth book is mainly about Charlie's mother but has loads of other details which I can't ell you other wise it will spoil it.
These books I have read many of times and will keep reading them. I definitely recommend them because it is so cute and adorable and I know I have said the charters are great in other book but they are the best in these ones so please, please read these series of books. They are more than awesome and more than deserve 1st place in my favourite books list.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and I really hope that you read The Wishes series because it is awesome.

No question this time because can't think of one.


Bebeabout, signing out xxx


  1. Wow, I love your blog so much, and this post is no exception. In fact, i've nominated you for the Liebster awards, so hopefully you do it, it's really fun to write.

    Theres the link :)

  2. I love girl online too! It is a very good book. I also love your blog!! Very pretty and some very interesting posts!