Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Love Struck

You don't even know how love struck I feel right now.

It is unbelievable!

And so unexpected.

And unlikely.

But it happened.

So here is the story.

My friend (You remember Elizabeth, from my post Too Young?) text me to see if she wanted me to walk her dog with her. I did only because I was bored and I haven't seen her in a week or so. So we went out to our local park and the field thing next to it. We were in the field when her dog went crazy, only because there were two other dogs there. They were big, golden colours and so cute. Elizabeth's dog and the other two dogs went to each other and I looked at the owner of the two dogs.

Oh My Gosh.

Most people would of said he was alright and not that good but I found him as cute as hell! He was tall, taller than me which is a first considering I am very tall for a 13 year old girl, and he had brown messy but neat hair. I went into a daze (which really annoyed me) so I didn't take in what he was wearing or his eye colour or anything else about him, all I knew was that he was kind because he seemed shy (not a bad shy but not loud, like a cute kind of boy) and he smiled at me.

Yes smiled.

And I smiled back.

I pulled the dog away because my heart was beating a million miles per hour and if I didn't get away quickly then I would probably die! And I walked away with Elisabeth and I went,

"That guy was so cute!"

And she went,

"He was fat"

I was offended because (no offence to fat people) I wouldn't go into a daze over an overweight person. So I went,

"He isn't fat, he wasn't skinny or muscly, which I like, he has a bit of small amount of fat here and there, like me, but that doesn't mean he was fat. It just means he is well fed!"

She was going on about other stuff but couldn't get him out of my head. And I still can't now.


We were deciding which way to go out of a three way path, one forward, one right and one left. Elizabeth went forward and I looked right and I saw him. His cute dogs were circling him and he was feeding them and he looked so cute. So I went,

"Or do you want to go that way and pass the cute guy?"

She went that way to the cute guy and my heart beat went from normal to Ferrari fast in a millisecond. I walked up to her and said,

"Talk to me, pretend we are talking!"

She finished a story that she was saying earlier while we pasted the cute guy who was putting his dogs on his leads (one pink and one blue I noticed!). And we went home.

I was so annoyed at myself that I didn't take any of him in, or flirt with him for that matter.


Me and Elizabeth have a plan (well me really), next Sunday at exactly the same time we are going to walk her dog and see if we see the cute guy again! I wanted to go in Valentines day (which is next Saturday) but she is busy.

I can't wait to see him again, if I do that is. I have no idea who he is but...all relationships have to start off somewhere.

So, I need your advice.

Help! What shall I do?

I need help for next time I see him on what to do.

I will post when I see him again, if I do!

Hope you are as excited as me!

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Bebeabout, signing out xx


  1. Awww this was so cute, it's like the plot of a young romance novel. I'm not sure what you should do. I've had plenty of people I've crushed on but I've never approached them because the chances are they'll die from how awkward the encounter will be. If you do meet him though, act calm and be yourself.( That's what everyone says to do) Good luck.

    1. Thx Star Girl, if this was a young romance novel, I think it would go something like, she liked him but he didn't know she existed! I am pretty sure every girl thinks that her crush doesn't notice her. Well, I will try, hopefully xxx