Saturday, 14 February 2015

No sympathy please!

When people say that they have no money and they have money problems it really annoys me.

One because they are holding a phone and (in my case) go to a grammar school with £150 worth of school clothes

And second because I am in that terrible postion

Today I realised how far me and my family are in debt. My family have been in debt for ages but still somewhere found the money for loads of xmas presents and expensive birthday gifts (which I am most grateful for). But today, for lunch, my mum, who is my idol and best friend, had to miss out on because she wanted her children and husband to have the small amounts of food in the house. She also skipped dinner last night.

This morning, Saturday, I go to a dance class in the morning which my parents pay for. It is under £5 every time you go and you bring the money and pay each time. Today I couldn't go because my family doesn't have £5 to spare.

My parents are so in debt that they are having to borough money off of me and my 2 brothers which surely isn't right.

I am not writing this blog to complain about my parents because they live for us. I am not asking for your sympathy either (as the title suggests)

I just needed to express.

This has been really depressing so I am going to end with a random question.

Why do you blog?

I blog for the reason to express my feelings

Like now, when needed.

Please answer because I would love to know.

Any questions just ask

Bebeabout, signing out xx

P.S Happy Valentines day! Don't have a valentine so sitting here writing this. Almost had one though as seen in Love Struck ! xx


  1. I know you don't want sympathy so I'll try not to be sympathetic. I'll be as cold and emotionless as I can :P Life is hard and you're probably thinking, why the hell is a 13 year old girl that I don't even know, trying to give me life lesson for? You see almost everyone goes through financial issues. Sometimes all it takes is for you to accept your current position, acknowledge that there are people less privileged than you and there are some that are more privileged than you and hope. Keep hoping for a brighter future. This is me being empathetic, I know how you feel right now.

    1. Thx so much Star Girl. I love the fact hat you give me advice and this one definitely helped. I have never thought of it like the way you said it. Thx again, this is so helpful xx

  2. As Star Girl said, I know you don't want sympathy. But I want you to know that I've been there too, and I know it sucks. But my family got through it and so will yours. If anything, hard times make us wiser and stronger, because we try so much not to let them happen again.

    On an entirely different note, I loveeeee your blog. Its so cool and different and you have really awesome opinions on stuff. I was wondering, when you get a sec, if you could jump over to my blog, and check it out? Thanks :)