Friday, 20 March 2015

Let down

Today, 20th March 2015, there was a Solar eclipse happening and it mainly effected Europe. For people who don't know what a Solar eclipse is, it is where the moon and sun line up so the sun is blocked by the moon.

It was meant to have the main effect at around 9:30am

And I emphasis the meant to part.

Because it was rubbish.

It was meant to turn really dark and cold (it was blimming cold I tell you!) but, it only dimmed down a bit.

As well as that, one of our science teachers was the cutest thing. Right, he had his telescope out and equipment and temperature checker thingies and stuff like that. His smile never went off his face! it was so adorable! He was speaking all sciencey and posh was a let down. He even said it himself.

The main thing that I think (and the cute teacher) thinks didn't work was the weather. It was so cloudy u couldn't even see the sun, let alone the eclipse. It would have been darker, better and easier to see if it wasn't for the dam clouds.

Curse you clouds!

But really, it was like nothing, and the news and everything said it would be great.

I swear weather reporters on the news always gets things wrong?

They do though, don't they?

I just want to say, sorry for not posting in a while, been obsessed with this game on my computer.

And my typing has really been awful.

So, question time

Did you see the Solar eclipse? Do you agree with my (and my teacher's) verdict of it?

I would really like one of you guys these days to answer my question, so comment answers.

One more thing.

Insurgent (the second book in the Divergent series) came out in cinema the other day and I am watching t tomorrow and I am so excited it is unreal! I LOVE Divergent! #fangirling

Hope your all well, speak to you soon!

Bebeabout, signing out xx

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