Saturday, 4 April 2015

Just...What has happened

Nothing exciting has happened to me lately

That's why I haven't posted in like...weeks

So lets start with an apology


Now, lets talk about Easter.

Easter I actually about Jesus and the cross but, we all look forward to the eggs don't we? Which got me thinking...

Why are the Easter eggs eggs?

Why aren't the like crosses or something. I have probably been told this before but I have forgot (as you could probably guess). Because if Easter is all about Jesus and stuff, then eggs aren't exactly  way to remember that, is it?

I have friends (obviously!) and we did this secret Easter bunny thing, like secret Santa, but with the Easter bunny. It didn't work because we told everyone who we got so we got them an egg they liked.

Anyway, there was 6 of us but 1 person didn't want to do it so it was just 5. And in our little group, there are 3 closer people, I was one of them. 1 of our group of 6 we don't like and most people know that. 3 f u closer peeps did a secret Easter bunny with bunnies instead of eggs. It sort of worked.

Anyway, 1 person in our 3 had the bunny (lets call her H) and was eating it (this was after we had given them to each other). She was walking home with the 1 person we don't like. You get it? The 1 person we don't like (lets call her F for now) said to H, where did you get that from, and she said, a friend in the older year. F said, no you didn't because I saw another person in our little 3 with one.

The reason we didn't tell F about the bunnies was 1. because she would want to join and 2. we didn't want to hurt her feelings. That is what H said to F when F texted H about it.

I bet this is so confusing for you and I am sorry I just need to write it out to make it clear for me.

Feel free to read it again if you want!

So, we don't like F and we don't want to hang out with her because she I boring and doesn't have he own personality. The person who didn't do the secret Easter bunny with the eggs said we should give her a second chance because it is the last term until Year 10 which is proper GCSE's and we shouldn't have drama.

But I have an argument to contradict that, many actually.

I don't have to hang out with someone I don't like, do I?

But because she is in our "group" we have to look after her and if we ditch her people wouldn't like us because they would think we were mean for leaving her out. We have given her more than second chances over the past year and I don't want to give her more.

Adding to that, her closes friend who she always hangs out with (she was on of the 5 earlier) has moved groups so F is even more alone now than ever.

And we are stuck with her.

Hope you have read all of this because I need help.

What is your opinion on all of this?

I kind of went to I have nothing to say to Easter to drama real fast so I kind of apologize for that.

It is just what has happened since I have posted.

Hope your all well and sorry for not posting in a while.


Bebeabout, signing out xxx

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