Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Evening!

When you were younger (or now, like me!) did you dread this one day which your parents met your teacher or did you look forward to all of the good comments?

The other day was the day of Parents evening.

At my school, you have to go round all of your subject teachers that you want and get a 5 minute appointment with them. Normally they last longer than that and they are behind but, that is the general concept.

Over the years of my secondary school life, I started out super quite. My geography teacher said this to me:

"In Year 7 she always looked frightened and now she is a young lady."

That basically says that I have turned from a shy, scared child to a normal, lough, obnoxious young lady.

This links to my parents evening because I talk a lot mow in class because I have friends to talk to. I was super worried that my teachers would all say this in front of my mum. I have always, from my first ever one in reception, had an outstanding parents evening saying how academic I am and how well behaved I am so if all of my teachers suddenly say I am all talking to much, it just wouldn't be good.

But they didn't. It was only one of my science teachers.

I think I will talk to you about my science appointment to you because it is very amusing (well it is for me!).

I have two teachers one male and female (I will call them Mr and Miss for this blog) and I mad an appointment with Miss. I really like Miss but HATE Mr. Unfortunately for me, Mr was free at the time of my appointment so he joined Miss with mine.

Miss started off the talk saying how well I was doing and I was getting good 80% in tests which I good. She said that last year I struggled in some of the science subjects (because I had her last year as my only science teacher) but this year I am doing much better.

The stupid Mr came in and said:

"Well, it must be physics then (because he teaches physics to us most) because Bebe isn't doing as well in physics as you described in the other sciences Miss. She is doing alright but just needs to do a bit better."

His lessons are the most boring in the world. We, especially, are intelligent girl (because I go to a top grammar school) and are capable of doing work but no, Mr hands out sheet and practically does the work for us. He then explains that experiment for the lesson for 15 minutes which is on the sheet already, I don't listen because it is on the sheet. When we finally get to do the experiment, it is pointless because we already know the outcome, Mr already knows the outcome, every flipping person does but still, we waist our lives doing something that has already been done. We come out of the lesson more confused than when we went in and yeah...the most boring hour of my life.

So, I wasn't surprised that Mr said that. It is just physics...just physics.

Please comment on my question at the start and...anything else really.

Any questions just ask!

Bebeabout, signing out xx

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