Friday, 16 January 2015

Too Young?

I bet you we all have this one friend like mine.

This friend of mine is Elizabeth (not her real name for anonymous reasons) and she is the only one I told about my blog. I will tell you she is a year younger than me (making her 12) therefor more naïve and lately, she is getting so worked up about one small thing which frankly, I don't think that people should be worrying about at her age.


From what she has told me, this boy THE YEAR BELOW HER asked he out and she said yes (of course). I thought it was outrageous. But then, she ignored my advice. She grew very fond of this guy which I don't like and says that she loves him. This annoys me at this stage because of many reasons:

  1. He is a year younger than her
  2. He is a twat
  3. He has no idea how to be a "boyfriend" if you could even call it that
  4. She has no idea how stupid he is and the consequences of this in about a weeks time
  5. All they do is say hi, giggle and walk away (great relationship)
  6. She could do so much better
And of course, like all baby relationships, he says to her that he fancies one of her friends and dumbs her.

Elizabeth cries over and over again and I am just there like...

I told you so.

After I got my point across I suggest that we meet up that weekend so she can get her mind off him because I feel bad Elizabeth. But all she keeps on asking me is, how did you know?

In all of my 13 years, I have never had a boyfriend. And on top of that, I have never had anyone ask me out or vice verser. It is not the normal reasons of weird and ugly (I hope!) it is just all of the boys I have met are that! Not really, I don't know why it is it just it. Yeah, I would like it to change but I am not that fussed...ok I would love to have a boyfriend but I think that age group between 12 and 13 is big and 12 is too young to have a boyfriend. Reasons are only because they are too naïve and it turns into a really silly relationship (like the above)

Did you have a boyfriend once like this? Do you know someone who does? Is 12 too young to be in a relationship?

I would love to here if any of you have been through the same traumatic times as Elizabeth has!

Please comment.

Thank you for reading this totally different blog about Elizabeth and I am sure she will appreciate it too!

Bebeabout, signing out xxx

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