Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Teenage Girls These Days!

Teenage girls these days are really spiteful. They talk behind each other back, they judge people and make nasty, rude comments. I can bet that all girls (and most boy tbh) can agree with what I have just said. Not like I am any better of course!

I remember the times when I was in primary school with all of my friends and all we bothered about was being the teacher favourite. We had our skirt down to our knees (we didn't know any different) and, in my primary school, we were the most naïve children possible.

One day, when I came home from school, my mum came running down my road bare feet shouting, "You got in, you got in". Of course I knew what she meant. I took a test to get into my local grammar school and, as you could guess, I got in!

The moment I stepped into that school I was inspired by everything from the size of the school to our head teacher. It was, and still is now, one of my greatest achievements of my life (dramatic but hey!). I went to that school and went into the same class with 2 other friends. They were fine, but I wanted different ones. Ones that were more like me.

As time went on, one of my friends found new ones so I hung onto the other. I was a very unsociable person, very shy so for the first year of my secondary school life it felt like I was being pressured because of my school, and to find friends. I used to cry most day saying how no one liked me, and to this day, I still don't think they did.

I finally found my leash at about the start of Year 8 and now in the middle of Year 9, I feel like I on top of the world...most of the time.

My class is weird, not because we are geeky (because we are not) but because we have "groups". These are friendship groups. When you hear that word you assume that in all of those little groups, everyone likes each other, but they don't.

This leads me onto my point of how teenage girls are really spiteful these days. Because the reason for people friendship groups not liking each other is because they are mean and spiteful and gossip to each other without meaning to about her spots or her science grade and then that leads to not liking them.

I am posting this because it has effected me today. My friendship group consistent of 6 people including me. I am best friends with 2, don't like 1 but pretend I do to everyone, don't like 1 but pretend I don't to her face and like the last 1.

Me and my 2 best friends say that we don't want to be in the same friendship group as some of them. We have tried to ignore them and stuff but, nothing works. She is hung onto me.

I have a feeling that this is the same feeling that one of my friends that I went to this school with feels. That I shouldn't have been around and that I was annoying

Did you/do you have friendship groups in your class? Do you like them? Have you ever felt the same way I felt back in Year 7?

I would love to hear your comments about this.

As well as that, tell your friends about me! I only have a few view and the reason I set this up was so people could hear about me. You never know I might even give one of you a shout out!

Thx for reading,

Bebeabout, signing out xxx

PS: The reason I am not giving names is because my blog profile is anonymous. I might give people fake names, I probably will end up doing so soon!

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