Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Turn Back Time

I told my friends about the guy.

If you don't know what I am talking about read my previous blog Long Distance.

So I texted my friends saying can we talk at school, need to speak to you. One of the said, just tell me. I thought that it was a too longer story to tell over text, I mean, my last blog was a flipping essay! So I waited until I went back to school to tell them.

Because I met him right at the start of a 2 week break so couldn't see my friends until then.

Anyway, I sort of told them wrong. You know you have 2 ways of telling people information. 1 way is to tell them the brief and 2 is to tell them the whole story saga. I did the first one and they thought I was as weird as a flying elephant.


They first thought I was weird because I met him on an online 'baby' game (I put baby in inverted commas because if it was a baby game, would I be playing it? No) and that was lame. As well as that, they thought he was just this weird guy who wasn't cute because I didn't tell them the right way. I didn't tell them about any of out cute stories or convocations.

Only if I could turn back time to tell them again.

I finally got through to 1 of them (sort of) and...yeah. They just think I am weird and stupid because I like this guy from America who I meant on a 'baby' game. They sort of laugh at me. I don't want them telling other people either because I told them because they are my friends and I trust them with this huge information about this guy.

But he is awesome. Really.

I will probably say in a weeks time that I haven't spoken to him so be warned!

But what I figured out was, distance means nothing if someone means something important because even though it can't, it should be because every good thing, starts out a little scary, doesn't it?

I was so proud when I made that little quote up, let me just say!

Hope you are all well.

Follow, comment, all of that.

See ya!

Bebeabout, signing out xx

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